How I made my anti-aging cream using only 5 ingredients

Thomas More said, “A pretty face may be enough to catch a man, but it takes character and good nature to hold him.”

That’s true, but you won’t be walking around screaming out your blazing character and good nature now, will you?

No one ever has the talent of knowing your inner beauty just by looking at you.

Well, if you’re an exception to that then my boy, you’re an amazing lad.

But for the rest of us, we need to have a raw conversation with that person.


So how else do we catch someone’s attention?

Even if you don’t want to admit it, but you tend to admire their facial feature first.

You marvel over their clear, glass skin.

Even-toned complexion.

So delicate

So supple

No lumps

No bumps

A picture-perfect beauty.

You just can’t help but gaze in admiration.

I caught his attention with my looks. Now I got him hooked with my charms!

Think of the last time you went out.

The last time you wore that blue dress and that cute nude pumps

A bombshell, as always

You sit in the bar while you wait for your friend Jessica to arrive.

You glance at the clock above the barman.

Tequila time!

Halfway through your shot, a young, dashing debonair makes his way to you.

What do you first notice?

His deep, brown eyes?

His captivating smile?

Everything aside from the audacity!

He seems like a gentleman though, so you let him be.

He has a lot of questions. Everything about you is just so intriguing.

And then, bam!

He just can’t believe it!

You look way younger than your age!

Oy va voy! The butterflies!

That blazing feeling!

Trust me; I know the feeling

I’ve gotten quite a few of those remarks and I still receive them to this day XD

So what’s my beauty secret?

It’s as simple as combining, cooking, and concocting the perfect anti-aging cream.

I was born beautiful. Why do I have to spend a lot of money to maintain it?

If we don’t take care of ourselves now, aging will be very tough on us in the future.

So what’s the best way to care for your skin?

Is it the products that are in your local stores?

Well, yes, most probably.

Is it through the skincare centers?

Well, of course, yes!

The only problem is, they can be expensive. I mean there’s nothing wrong with burning money for beauty, but wouldn’t you rather be beautiful the less expensive way?

Fear not my friend!

In this beauty ride, I will show you a simple way of how I made my ageless beauty elixir with 5 essential ingredients.

Less is always the best!

I always tell my readers, less is still the best!

Why is this chica?

Have you heard of the term “First Five Rule”?

If you did, then you know why I said less is always the best!

So what does this bring about
you ask?

What’s so significant about the number 5? Why not 7 (cause it’s a lucky number)? Or even 8 (cause when rotated 90 degrees, it’s infinity!)

Well, the First Five Rule suggests that the first five ingredients in a product are the most significant.

Why? They have the best effects on our skin because they have a higher concentration. The rest after the five just won’t do any good.

Both in the food and cosmetic world agrees with the rule of 5.

The First Five Rule fanatics claim that the ingredients listed after the first five are insignificant.

See that? Not only should you make a mental note of what you put in your bodies, but you should also consider what you put on.

So what do we need for the anti-aging cream?


1 cosmetic container

2 tbsp Beeswax Pastilles

½  tsp Vitamin E Oil

1 tbsp Shea Butter

2 tbsp Coconut Oil 

¼ cup Sweet Almond Oil

2 glass bowls

Woah Woah, hold up baby girl! I think that’s not how it’s supposed to be!

When I first made the cream, I made a mistake of mixing them in one saucepan and heating them in one go.

So I was like okay, the oils are easy to mix but what am I suppose to do with the beeswax pastilles?

I’m sure it’ll melt when I heat it, but I don’t want the oils to cook longer than they should.

What I did was I got a grater and shredded that bad boy into crumbs.

The result was quite pleasing though, but the sad part was that there were a lot of traces of the beeswax stuck on the grater.

Pfft! Silly girl!

Haha! Oh come on, I did the first thing that came into my mind.

The cooking process went quite well than I thought, and the outcome was satisfying.

But I knew deep down there was a better way to do it.

So I did what everyone does when they’re in doubt.

I asked the experts.

A.k.a. Google.

So here’s what I’ve gathered.


Step 1  : In the first glass bowl, blend the oils.

Step 2  : With the second bowl, place the beeswax pastilles. In the next step, you’re going to melt the beeswax inside the container so remember to use a thicker bowl.

Step 3 : Fill the saucepan with enough water to surround the bowl (the one with the beeswax inside).

Step 4  : After making sure that everything is set, place the second bowl with the
beeswax inside the saucepan and then slowly melt it on low heat. Stir the wax on low heat until it’s completely melted.

Step 5  : Add your shea butter and essential oils after the beeswax have completely melted.

Step 6  : When the concoction is entirely liquid, pour it to your glass container and let it cool down.

Step 7  : As it begins to cool down, you’ll notice that it will slowly solidify.

Step 8  : And voila! Your very own ageless beauty elixir with using only 5 ingredients.

So what’s with this anti-aging cream that makes it effective?

Now, I didn’t just add these ingredients because I think they’re cute together.

Just because biscuits and gravy seem very appealing to most people; I don’t think they’re good together.

Biscuits and gravy are best eaten separately, but together?


Thanks, but no thanks! (Hey! Don’t get me wrong, if that’s your favorite food, then please do enjoy! But for me, it’s a no)

The ingredients work properly together, and they complement each other.

How? Just read ahead, my friend!


Cosmetic Container: Glass

Does the container that we choose make a difference over the product?

How much influence does it have?

You might be surprised but it does!

There are a lot of different containers in the market.

Big and small

Thick and thin

Glass and plastic

But the best is glass!

Yes, you heard me right!


Plastics are dangerous to all beings: Humans, animals or plants.

I know that you’d agree with me on this and not just because I’m a plastic warrior #notosingleuseplastic #savemotherearth

So what makes glass containers better than others?

Now we don’t want our containers to contaminate the product, right?

Our main goal is to protect the product from certain elements, especially oxygen.

Although plastics are lightweight and more comfortable to carry, they are not so great at protecting.


Well, some oxygen particles can slip through plastics.

With glass, you don’t have to worry about air slipping through. This container impenetrable!

How awesome is that right?

Let’s just say that glass is a surefire way to protect your precious cream.

It’s the great barrier of all containers little chica.

And the best part? It’s eco-friendly. #reduce #reuse #recycle

The bottom line here is that glasses are not only sophisticated, but they are far more superior to plastics.


Beeswax Pastilles: Granules

What’s so great about beeswax?

I had no idea what beeswax was for when I first heard about it.

I thought it was a special kind of wax for candles.

You know, the kind of candle that burns a lot slower than the regular ones and is very aromatic.

Anyways, where were we?

Ah yes! Beeswax!

So what is it with beeswax that makes it so good for your skin?

I’ve learned that there are a lot of health benefits that beeswax has. It’s all-natural and non-toxic.

Imagine this, you’re making your way downtown, strutting your 3-inch heels, tippity tapping your way to work.

When suddenly a gush of strong, dark, smoke blankets the air.

Ugh! pollution

Luckily, you brought your mask.

You’ll just have to sacrifice that “no make-up” make-up look you did just to protect yourself from the unforgiving environmental toxins.

Just like the mask, beeswax forms a protective barrier on your skin, but it doesn’t clog it, unlike other ingredients.

Have you tried using petroleum on your skin?

How did it feel?

A bit heavy right?

Well, I did try putting on petroleum on my skin a month ago and it didn’t feel right.

Why did I do it?

Just out of curiosity and well, my client told me that it was her nightly routine and it worked for her

I know, I know. Only because it works on her, doesn’t mean it’ll work for me the same way.

Well, beeswax is different. It does give you that level of protection that your skin needs without the heavy feel.

Yes, baby girl! It’s light on the skin.

As light as a feather that Galileo dropped from the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Although his experiment wasn’t about finding out if feathers are indeed lite.

I don’t want to drink a lot of water, and if I do, I will pee a lot!

Well baby girl, I know it’s no fun and games when you need to answer nature’s call all the time.

Where every 5 minutes, you need to tinkle.

Trust me, I know. That’s how my day goes!

But there’s a good reason why we need to hydrate often.

Drinking water is key to staying healthy and helping our system work properly.

Can you believe it?

We are made up of 60% water.

So yes, little chica! It’s a no-brainer why we need to be hydrated!

Now, why am I talking about water therapy (as what I like to call it) when awhile ago, I was just telling you about beeswax?

Well, not only is it good for us to keep our bodies hydrated but also maintain a hydrated complexion.

Beeswax attracts water molecules that help skin hydrated to give you that plump, youthful look.

This means that it nourishes your skin and it keeps the skin from drying out.

None of that patchy, itchy, cracked skin.


Vitamin E Oil

If you think that we’ll stop with just using beeswax to protect your skin, then chica that’s where you’re wrong.

It’s not like beeswax can’t do any justice of protecting your skin but in this beauty ride, I
want you to have the best warriors to protect and defend your skin.

Vitamin E is an excellent antioxidant that will safeguard your skin.

There are a lot of harmful elements in our surroundings.

From the ever-visible smokes to the undetectable UV light.

And then there are free radicals

I’m sure you already heard of it right?

Free radicals

For those unsure of what it is, free radicals are infamous for damaging our youthful skin.

Not only that but they are also linked to a lot of diseases.

So how do you fight free radicals?

Well, this is what makes Vitamin E so amazing!

Vitamin E fights the damaging effect of free radicals by neutralizing it.

Remember when I told you that we should be hydrated inside and out? Not only does Vitamin E fight free radicals, but it also helps your skin stay moisturized.


Shea Butter: Unrefined

You’re probably wondering, isn’t shea butter a tree nut product.

So how about the others with nut allergies?

Should they risk getting a side effect when applying the cream on their skin?

I mean, yes it would be so amazing to have Kylie Jenner’s luscious lips but you wouldn’t want to have swollen lips with a side of anaphylaxis, will you?

Or do they have to skip the ingredient just to be sure?

No worries mi amiga!

People who have nut allergies don’t have to worry about getting any adverse reactions.

No itchy skin.

No puffy eyes.

No swelled lips

Even if shea butter is technically a nut product, it only has minimal protein contents that it can’t trigger allergies.

So what does shea butter bring about aside from it smelling great?

Remember when I told you about keeping hydrated?

The amazing fact about shea butter is that just like beeswax pastilles, it also locks in moisture.

You still remember what “locks in moisture” mean right?

And just a reminder, moisturizers don’t make your skin oily. When you moisturize your skin, your body doesn’t have to work on producing more oil than is necessary.

So, you’re okay.

Shea butter also promotes regeneration.

It probably is not a piece of common knowledge, but our body is continuously creating new skin cells and getting rid of the old ones.

Now, remember when I told you about free radicals and how damaging it can be to our skin?

Free radicals are the monsters that murder our youthfulness.

They’re the ones that prevent us from keeping our youthful glow.

Good thing, shea butter contains a good amount of vitamin A and E to help fight free radicals and boost collagen production, so we can be beautiful both inside and out.

Fewer wrinkles.

Lesser fine lines.

More youthful, supple skin.


Virgin Coconut: Pure Carrier Oil

Whenever I hear the word coconut, it always brings my thoughts to paradise.

The tropics, ugh!

The warm seas and the cool breeze.

Have you ever wondered why most Asians look way younger than their actual age?

Well, aside from them having a positive outlook in life, I have another theory.

It has to do with the constant consumption of the brown seed of tropical palms.

That’s nuts!

HAHA! Exactly! Nuts! Coconuts!

Well aside from it having bagged the title as the “Tree of Life” because it has a lot of uses, it also offers a lot of benefits: both health and skin.

Not only is coconut a superfood but the oil extract from it contains antioxidants.

Coconut oil helps prevent unwanted wrinkles. Coconut oil is known to slow the aging process.


Sweet Almond: Pure Carrier Oil

If you’ve read my article about the anti-aging serum, then you’d know that almond has two kinds: the bitter and the sweet.

And you also should know that we only make use of the sweet kind of almond.

Cause again, the bitter kind of almond is toxic.

Sweet almond oil is one of the best oils to use when we want to improve our complexion and get rid of the dry skin, all thanks to its emollient properties.

So what’s emollient and what does it have to do with our anti-aging cream?

Emollient means having the quality to soothe and moisturize the skin making it as soft and supple.

It helps prevent the appearance of fan lines and wrinkles.

When we hear the words fine lines and wrinkles, we always associate it with aging.

And you wouldn’t want to age fast, will you?

Now did you know that the use of almond oil as a cosmetic product dates back to as early as the ancient Egyptians?

The Egyptian goddess herself, Queen Cleopatra has used almond oil as one of her ancient beauty regimes.

So what do you need to remember?

It’s just so amazing to be doing the things you love and then learning a lot in the process.

Human as we are, no matter how blazing we may be, we always tend to make mistakes. But the best part about making mistakes is we learn.

1. Glass Container

I chose a glass container because it’s the best container to protect my cream from invisible forces that may contaminate it.

2. Beeswax Pastilles

Not only does beeswax nourish the skin, but it also gives it the much-needed protection from the unforgiving environmental toxins.

3. Vitamin E

Vitamin E is excellent at neutralizing the damaging effects of free radicals which are infamous for damaging our youthful skin.

4. Shea Butter

It moisturizes the skin and boosts collagen production, so we can be beautiful both
inside and out.

5. Coconut Oil

Because of its antioxidant property, Coconut oil is known to slow the aging process. It’s not just a superfood you can consume but also a super nut you can add to your beauty regimen

6. Sweet Almond Oil

Almonds are not only nutritious nuts you can snack on, but they pack a lot of protein, vitamins, and minerals considered as nourishing and revitalizing.

Sweet almond oil is a potent antioxidant and protects your skin from the ultra VIOLENT rays of the sun.

You don’t have to go to great lengths to maintain your youthful, alluring beauty!

All you need is to know what the proper elements required to make your ageless beauty elixir.

Use it religiously, it’s called a beauty routine for a reason!

And remember, it worked well for me, but not all skins are the same.

So you can always modify the cream to your desire.

Now go ahead!

Try it for yourself!

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