Whether good or bad

or gray, grey (however you spell it, haha!)

Even now, I always get confused about which vowel is right XD (by the way, for all you youngsters out there, this XD is a laughing emoticon).

Okay, where were we?

Ah yes! Choices!

We need to make choices.

Sometimes the choices we make are so awesome that we feel empowered by it and nothing can ever ruin our mood.

And sometimes they’re bad that we are left to deal with the consequences.

So what is it with choices?

Why am I talking about this?

Well because, in this article, you and I are going to deal with choices.

Specifically, Coffee filter choices.

Okay, here’s the deal,

There are a lot of coffee filters out there.

Not only should you consider the kind of beans you want to use for your coffee, but you also want to know which coffee filter is best for you.

Well don’t worry my friend, I’ll help you narrow your choices.

In this coffee filter feat, I will share with you my experience in using the different types of coffee filters, the realizations I had, and which one is the best for me.

By the way, I purchased all of my coffee filters online.

I’m sure coffee shops sell them too, I was just a bit lazy to go out and about to find them.

Oi, don’t judge!

A girl sometimes prefers to take advantage of using today’s technology while being in the comforts of her lovely, humble abode.

Just because everyone is doing it, doesn’t mean you also need to follow them!

Remember when you really wanted to do all those crazy things your friends were doing?… and then just for the thrill, you actually did it?

Ah yes! Those were the best memories.

But then when you got home, your mom was at the door, both arms folded together across the chest, ready to pounce.

Your heart pounding fast.

The time comes to a sudden halt.

And then! Dun dun dun dun…

 “If your friends jump off a cliff, are you also going to follow them?!”

– My Queen Mother

This is what she’d use to tell me when I came home from my little adventures when I was young and not-so-free.

Of course ma! It’s more fun to do it with them! – insert fat sarcasm here (didn’t really tell her this, and I’m glad I didn’t)

Trust me, I tried to walk on the same path, but I ended up lost.

I’m not trying to be hostile or anything, but you have to agree with me on this one.


Well, it’s simple!

Because not everyone has the same taste. Not even twins!

Some of you might want your coffee light, and creamy.

Some of you might love your coffee dark, and nutty.

Some of you might even be obsessed with the 3-in-1 instant coffees.

What I’m trying to say is that you have full control over which suits you best.

All I’ll do here is to guide you and give my opinion of each coffee filter I’ve tried.

Okay, so let’s start!

Blah! Why does it taste so papery?

Remember when you first wore your imaginary beanie and experimented with manual coffee-making?


You took out the Pour-Over Coffee maker that you just did yourself when you read my previous blog about how an average girl like me made my own pour-over coffee maker.

Wait what? You haven’t? Go and check it out later!

Or your ever beautiful French Press that you and your coworker bought together cause it was on a buy one take one sale.

You went home all excited to brew a perfect cup.

You hurriedly pranced your way to your kitchen, unboxed your purchase and laid out everything on the kitchen top.

Then you placed your freshly ground coffee beans over the filter, poured the freshly boiled water over the beans and waited patiently for your cup to be filled with oh so rich coffee.


Finally, it’s done!

And then you smell the sweet, rich aroma of coffee in the air.

Then you finally sip it…

A few seconds in on the sip and then, blah!

Wait, blah!

Why does it have a papery aftertaste?!

And then all your hopes and dreams of becoming a coffee enthusiast is now going down the drain just like the rest of your coffee.

Such a cruel, cruel world!

So how do you remove the papery taste? Simple!

If you read my previous article, then you’d know that it’s important to “wet” your paper filter before using it.

What your doing is actually rinsing the paper filter to remove the papery taste.

Not only are you rinsing the paper, but you’re also preheating your brewing device.

Now, this seems to be a tedious task to do but you do this and you’ll never get that papery aftertaste anymore!


Say goodbye to papery aftertastes!.

Unbleached Coffee Filter

Basically, if you don’t bleach something, then there’s a natural color to it. When you bleach it, it turns white.

Unbleached coffee filters have a distinct brown color to it.

Why brown?

Well, all I could think about is that they came from wood.

Wood is part of a magnificent tree.

Trees are brown.

So, put two and two together…

Paper is, well…naturally brown.

The white papers that you see are bleached.

Here’s the good thing about unbleached coffee filters – they don’t require a lot of processing that means, they are better not only for you but also for the environment.

My best advice when you choose to use an unbleached coffee filter is that you should always remember to “wet” the paper first. Why?

Well, wetting your paper filter will help remove the papery aftertaste.

Some of you might have a really sensitive taste bud, so wetting it twice would be preferable.

So how does it taste?

When I first brewed my perfect coffee using an unbleached coffee filter, I “wet” or rinsed the paper twice just to be sure I won’t get the papery aftertaste.

Unbleached coffee filters have a strong aroma with a rich, sweet taste.

So if you want your coffee like that, choose unbleached coffee filters.

And remember! Always choose high-quality paper filters.

Oxygen-bleached Coffee Filter

Back in the ’80s, bleached coffee filters were considered dangerous because of the chemicals it has been exposed to.

I mean, of course, it is.

We’re talking about chemicals here baby girl.

Imagine being exposed to chemicals, let alone consume a part of it!

Now that’s awful!

Luckily, the amount of chemical used to bleach the filter is just a small amount but powerful enough to whiten it.

Nowadays, it has been widely accepted as safe to use for brewing.

And the best thing?

The bleaching process will not affect flavor.

So no need to fret on changing your paper filter.

There are two types of bleached coffee filters.

Yes darling, two types.

One is the most notorious chlorine-bleached coffee filter.

I say notorious because it’s a very strong chemical for me.

When I hear the word chlorine, I’d instantly relate it as part of kitchen cleaning supplies.

The other one is the oxygen-bleached paper filter.

Oxygen bleaching is known to be more natural out of the two.

So how does it taste?

I used the oxygen-bleached coffee filter for this experiment

I “wet” or rinsed the paper just once to be sure I won’t get the papery aftertaste.

I only needed to rinse it once because unlike the unbleached paper filter, oxygen-bleached paper filter already went through a lot of processes.

Oxygen-bleached coffee filters have a strong aroma with a rich, sweeter taste.

So if you want your coffee like that, choose oxygen-unbleached coffee filters.

And remember! Always choose high-quality paper filters.

Oxygen-bleached is usually a sign of a higher quality bleached filter.

Did you know that the kind of coffee filter you use affects your health?

Oh, you didn’t? Then I have great news for you, honey!

Well, no not honey.

Although honey also has a lot of health benefits, that’s not my point here.

Did you know that paper filters actually help control cholesterol?

Really chica?

Yep! And you’re welcome!

Amazing what kind of information you get from simply researching.

So what is it with paper filters?

Paper coffee filters absorb the cafestol.

Cafestol is in the oily part of coffee which is a stimulator of bad cholesterol known as LDL (Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol).

Instead of you consuming the bad cholesterol in your coffee, the paper filter actually captures it for you so what you’ll get is a rich, healthier version of coffee.

So the next time you feel like brewing amazing coffee and your trying to watch your cholesterol level, use coffee paper filters!

I love the environment, so how does a girl like me show my care for the planet?

If there’s one thing I’d love to do, it’s that I’d love to care for the environment, even with the smallest things.

Saying no single-use plastics.

Reducing the use of paper.

Saying no to straws.

Bringing my own reusable bag when I go shopping.

I may not be able to save the world, but hey! I’m doing my part cause I care.

I’m actually hoping that I’d be able to influence the people around me into being sensitive about the planet without me having to force the idea.

So why am I talking about this?

Because baby girl, the next two filters are permanent filters.

They’re amazing for the environment because you don’t have to dispose of them every single time. That means no trees have been hurt in the making and they don’t contribute to a mountain of garbage.

Metal Coffee Filter

Metal filters have been used in a lot of brewing methods lately from the most intricate drip coffee to the easiest espresso.

So what’s the beauty of using metal filters?

Well for one, it can be used over and over again without easily degrading it.

And the best part? You only need 1 metal filter to brew for a thousand years.

You can actually use this as a family heirloom that you’ll be able to pass down from one generation to the other.

Isn’t that cool?

Second, cleaning it up is very easy.

What I do with mine is I only rinse it because I believe that the coffee residues actually enhance the flavor of the coffee for my next brew.

So how does it taste?

If you want a fuller, richer flavor, then using metal coffee filters are great for that reason.

Unlike the paper filters, they let the most important parts of the coffee seep through the metal mesh.

They produce a stronger and darker cup of coffee.

Metal coffee filters allow small granules to drip down your cup allowing important oils to flow freely down your cup to get that perfect brew.

So if you want just that, start brewing with a metal baby girl!

Cloth Coffee Filter

Cloth coffee filters are more popular in some parts of North America and Asia. They’ve been using it since the beginning.

Well not really, but you get my point that it’s been used years ago; even before my great grandparents were born.

Cloth coffee filter or best known as sock filters are made from finely weaved cloths.

I’ve read in a lot of coffee blogs that it’s harder to clean out cloth coffee filters because you have to wash them very well to get rid of the day’s brew for you to get a clean brew for the next batch.

It’s a must!

A must for you to clean it properly.

You also have to remember to don’t let them dry out or too moist for too long.

Well, I say, whatever actually works for you.

What I do is that I just rinse my cloth filter just enough to get the grounds off the cloth.

I’ve realized that by doing so, it enhances the flavor of the next brew.

That’s just me though, again… It’s all on you what you’re going to do.

So how does it taste?

Basically, cloth coffee filters are a more permanent version of paper coffee filters.

So if you want to brew a strong flavored coffee but not having to worry about throwing a filter for every new brew, then my friend, cloth coffee filter is best for you.

The cloth coffee filter brews a sweet, milder cup of coffee.

So little chica, Which coffee filter is really best for your taste?

Okay, I can’t really say which one is best for you because I really don’t know what kind of palette you have but…

Don’t fret!

I’ll help you discover which one you might fall in love with.

I used to teach English online to people (specifically businessmen) who are struggling with the language or just want to enhance their English.

One of the topics that we talked about was how to find the best solution when faced with a problem at work.

I’ve actually learned that if you’re having trouble finding solutions to your problems, the best way to approach this issue is to keep asking questions.

Now it may sound weird to you, but I tell you…

It really works!

So I hope the following statements will help you with your coffee filter conundrum.

Do you like your coffee strong enough to awaken the inner beast in you?

Then I say choose a metal coffee filter.

Not only does it brew a strong cup of coffee, but you don’t have to throw away any filter afterward.

Do you love your coffee as mild as a baby’s bathwater?

Then go for either paper or cloth coffee filters.

Because they’re able to absorb more of the grounds and oils in the beans, then you’re left with a mild, sweeter cup.

Do you love drinking coffee without worrying about your cholesterol?

Then the best filter to choose is paper filters.

Paper coffee filters absorb the cafestol.

Cafestol is in the oily part of coffee which is a stimulator of bad cholesterol known as LDL (Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol).

The paper filter captures the bad cholesterol for you and leaves you with a healthier version of coffee.

Do you worry about the filters you often dispose of and how it piles up to the mountains of waste?

If you’re like me who loves the environment and always does try to help save our planet, then this is the best option for you my friend!

Use the more permanent coffee filters like metal and cloth coffee filters.

Not only does it reduce waste but it also saves you a lot of money in the long run.

You reduce the pile of waste while piling up on cash you save by choosing the more permanent filters!

It’s a win-win situation for you and the rest of the plan!


Bottom line is, it’s your choice to choose whatever you want!

Choose what you want and not what others think!

A lot of people have different opinions on certain situations.

May it be your work,

Your family affairs,

Or even your love life!


Same with the kind of coffee you want to brew.

There are a lot of “Best ways to brew your coffee” and other topics like that but in the end, it always depends on what is best for you.

So go ahead, mi amigo!

Experiment and experiment until you find the best brew for you.

Don’t forget to share with me about your thoughts about this!